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Brief Introduction
Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd (under called Lucky Huaguang), attached to Lucky Group of CASC, is located at Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is a state-owned large enterprise that can manufacture offset printing plates, graphic-arts films and flexographic printing plates to serve printing industry from every aspect. It enables China's printing industry to end its history of “lead and fire” and step into a period of “light and electricity” and digital, and makes outstanding contributions on the development direction of “both environmental-friendly and digital equal”. There are several wholly owned and holding subsidiaries of Lucky Huaguang such as Lucky Huaguang Nanyang Sales Co., Ltd., Suzhou Huaguang Baoli Printing Plate Co., Ltd., Zhongyin Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Keyin Modern Co., Ltd., and Henan Huafu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., etc.
The Development of Huaguang for 40 Years, Brilliant Growth Journey
Lucky Huaguang was built in 1972, put into production in 1977 and relocated in 1997. Huaguang Park, the new production region was built in 2006 and converted to Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd. in 2010.Over the past 40 years and more, the enterprise has owned total asset of 2.4 Billion Yuan (RMB) and more than 3000 employees. It has an annual production capacity of 90 million square meters of offset printing plate; 20 million square meters of silver salt film; 5,000 tons of polyester film; 700,000 square meters of flexographic plate and 10 million square meters of PCB film. A new production line for environment friendly digital printing plates under construction has an annual capacity of 24 million square meters, and the digital flexographic production line has an annual production capacity of 300,000 square meters. After the completion of the project, Lucky Huaguang’s production capacity will reach more than 100 million square meters of offset plate, one million square meters of flexographic plate. Production scales of both will enter the forefront of the global industry.
On April 30, 2007President Hu Jintao surveyed Lucky Huaguang. President Hu Jintao fully confirmed the innovation work done by the company and expressed the tiptoe of expectation on Huaguang brand products and the development of Lucky Huaguang. He made the important instruction: Let “Huaguang” brand name sound in international market! Since 2009, many central government leaders like Mr. Jia Qinglin, Mr. Li Keqiang, Mr. Liu Yunshan and Mr. Liu Qibao visited and surveyed Lucky Huaguang. These visits are not only an encouragement to Lucky Huaguang, but also an opportunity to push Lucky Huaguang develops both better and faster.
Science Research
Lucky Huaguang, a state-level enterprise technology center, owns a postdoctoral work station with more than 800 doctors and masters who are specialized in scientific research and engineering technology. The graphic-arts film and printing plate laboratory is a unique one among printing industry, which is approved by China National Analysis Society (CNAS). Lucky Huaguang is the undertaking unit of committee secretariat for national digital imaging materials and digital printing materials standardization technology and the leading unit of national printing materials industry standards. The company has taken 2 “863”projects and many national and province key R&D projects, applied for 163 patents and 89 authorized, a leading company in this industrial field. It has also set up more than 31 national standards. It is classified as AAAA Standardization Company.
Our company follows closed the development of the printing field, enhance the researching and innovating, makes the good base for the future development. Our new products like CTP plate, flexo plate, PCB film are all with our own intellectual property rights. All these products are launched firstly in China. They broke the monopolization of foreign enterprices.
Lucky Huaguang organized unique “printing film and plate laboratory” among printing industry, which was authenticated by China National Accreditation Board For Laboratories in the year of 2002, and actively participated in constituting work of China and trade standard. ”In 2007“, standardization technology committee of China digital imaging and digitalization printing material” approved by state standardization committee was built . Thus , the set-up of committee established its leading position in printing and imaging material field. Lucky Huaguang opened postdoctoral working station in the October of 2008.
Green Huaguang, Green Printing
Lucky Huaguang is courageous to take social responsibilities and is the first in the industry to promote the green printing concept, making printing supplies and ancillary products that can reduce the energy consumption pollutant emissions of printing enterprises as the main direction of development. The company has successively launched a series of green offset printing plates including the processless thermal plate, the processless CTCP plate, Low Chem CTCP plate, and a series of conventional flexographic and digital flexographic products, which can effectively reduce emissions. The company strengthens the source of clean production and pollution control work with investment and construction of supporting treatment facilities for wastewater, organic waste gas and others to meet pollutant discharge standards and achieve good social, economic and environmental benefits. The company has been evaluated as a green enterprise by the government for many years.
Lucky Huaguang has always carried out the guiding principle of culture guidance, continued to strengthen the party building and ideological and political work, actively fulfilled their social responsibility and adhered to the poverty alleviation and service action of Learning from Lei Feng. The company has gradually formed an enterprising spirit of "hard work and plain living; unite to forge progress”, adhered to a business philosophy of "standardized management, integrity operation, continuous innovation, and coordinated development”, built a Huaguang dream of "business development and employee happiness".


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