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Lucky Huaguang Will Participated in China Print 2017
2017-04-12 Source:
Lucky Huaguang will participate in this exhibition with its renowned products such as TD-G Plus processless thermal plate, TD-W chemical free plate,UV-N environmental-friendly negative UV-CTCP plate, low chemical violet CTP plate, DTF flat top dots digital flexographic printing plate, film (including matte film), UV ink and so on.
    TD-G Plus processless thermal plate, TD-W chemical free plate,UV-N environmental-friendly negative UV-CTCP plate and DTF flat top dots digital flexographic printing plate will be demonstrated during the exhibition. Warmly welcome new and old friends to visit Huaguang Booth E2-113.
TD-W Chemical Free Plate
A new green product launched by Lucky Huaguang, TD-W is China's first chemical free plate, which can process only with water or neutral rinse solution. The plate has following advantages such as stable plate-making performance, easy operation, no need to change printing environments and operating habits, compatible with all the dominant thermal CTP platesetters in the market, good dot reproduction and long run length. It is applied for sheet-fed and web offset printing presses.
TD-G Plus Processless Thermal Plate
TD-G Plus is the second generation of new green product launched by Lucky Huaguang. There is no need of any processing steps after exposure and then it can be directly on press.
It has outstanding advantages such as excellent dot reproduction, wide exposure latitude, long stability of latent image, stable plate-making performance and long run length. The most prominent characteristic is that the plate-making contrast is higher than the same at home and abroad. It is applicable to high-end commercial color printing and UV printing.
DTF Flat Top Dots Digital Flexographic Printing Plate
This plate does not need to change the plate-making process, quick and easy operation, the use of general equipment can produce plate with flat top dots; excellent photosensitive property ensures simultaneous reproduction of small characters and negative line graphics; small deformation of flat top dots after compression can provide stable printing quality; sharp dot reproduction, wide exposure latitude; wider exposure latitude and dot consistency are conducive to plate quality controlwhich fully meet the conditions of rich level and screen density with high requirements.
UV-N Negative UV-CTCP Plate
UV-N is a new environmental-friendly UV-CTCP plate that Lucky Huaguang has launched this year.It is a UV-sensitive plate specially designed for the application of computer to conventional plate (CtCP). It has good spectral matching with UV platesetters commonly used in the market. It can meet dot reproduction of 200lpi, 2-98%, and get high quality printing effect. The run length is 200,000 impressions unbaked with normal ink and 80,000 impressions unbaked with UV ink (actual run length may vary according to imaging and printing conditions). It is much greener that the plate can be developed with a developer having a pH of about 9in the rinsing process.
The Total Solution of Green Metal Printing
Most of the printing method of metal coating is still the traditional heat curing process, although the performance can be achieved, but the shortcomings such as poor production environment, serious environmental pollution and low production efficiency are very significant. Composed by solvent-free (UV white coating, UV gloss oil) + UV smart metal print-coating system, Lucky Huaguang has launched the total solution of green metal printing, which not only meets the requirements of performance, but also has significant advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption and no solvent emissions. It is applicable to single sheet and coil coating.
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