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UV-PII New CTcP Plate


Based on Huaguang UV-P plate, UV-PII is a new generation of CTcP plate to meet the market requirements for speed and efficiency. The new photosensitive layer and stable production process not only increase its sensitivity (25% higher) but also maintain the excellent performance of plate making and printing same to UV-P. UV-PII, with good developing and plate-making compatibility, is the best choice for offset packaging and commercial printing.


Technical Specification


Plate Type

UV-PII-type UV-CTP plate, also used as high sensitivity PS plate.


Commercial sheetfed and rotary press printing


Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum


0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40 mm

Final image color


Spectral sensitivity

350-460nm UV light, especially 400-410nm UV laser

Relative Sensitivity

40±5 mW(Cron UV-4632CI platesetter Parameter 1000 rpm)


2-98% @ 250 lpi.( The difference between plate-making equipment will be different)


main UV-CTP platesetters such as Cron, luscher, Amsky, basysPrint.


(unbaked)18 months, run length will be different when used in different conditions such as printing presses/paper/ink/printing chemicals and etc,.

Run length

Yellow light


18 months under recommended storage conditions


Processing Conditions


The processing of UV-PII may follow UV-P processing conditions. Huaguang positive PS plate developer (PD) is recommended. Recommended conditions:


Huaguang PD positive PS plate developer

The ratio of developing solution (PD: water)


Developing temperature


Developing time


Washing temperature

Room temperature

Drying temperature


Replenishing Rate

100—150 ml/m2

Note: The above parameter is obtained by Cron UV-4632CI platesetter, user can change above conditions according to specific equipment.

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