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    Slogan: Huaguang UV ink, Restore the world wonderfully. 
    Highlight: Low viscosity and high adhesion, Demonstrate excellent quality of CASC.    
    Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co., Ltd. has devoted many years to professional knowledge and experience of chemical materials, UV curing, color and printing, and created high quality material—digital UV ink for global UV flatbed machine and UV ink-jet digital printing machine. 
    Huaguang UV ink products are solvent-free, 100% light-cured, no VOC emissions, low energy consumption, green printing and leading level in the world. 
    Huaguang UV ink has spectacularly high adhesion on a variety of substrates, the key indicators such as the ink viscosity, adhesion, color reproduction, curing rate, definition and adaptability are comparable with similar products of domestic and foreign markets. 
    Huaguang UV curable ink is widely applicable in high-speed ink-jet printing and various types of industrial ink-jet heads, such as XAAR, KONICA, SPT, TOSHIBA and Spectra. 
    Product Series: 
    1. UV-101(C、M、Y、K、LC、LM、W Seven colors) , apply to flatbed ink-jet printing machine; 
    2. UV-111(C、M、Y、K Four colors), apply to digital printing label machine UV; 
    3. UV-201, UV ink surface treating solution for special substrate, good adhesion to glass, ceramics and so on;
    4. UV-301, UV ink special cleaner; 
    Excellent Characteristics: 
    1. Nano particle size and high-precision filter ensure the ink-jet process without the phenomenon of plugging nozzles; 
    2. Low viscosity can significantly reduce the heating temperature of the nozzle and effectively extend the life of the nozzle; 
    3. 100% pure UV light curing ink, ink-jet printing process is green without any VOC emissions; 
    4. The imported high-grade pigment makes printed materials with good performances of waterproof, weather and light resistance. 
    5. Wide color gamut, bright in color, real restores the true image; 
    6. Special formula design, fast curing and low energy to meet the demand for high-speed printing. 
    7. Print smoother, continuous ink when high-speed printing, widely used in a variety of nozzles. 
    8. Well environmental adaptability, normal use under 10-36℃. 
    9、Special treating solution, combined with UV ink, could be ink-jet printed directly onto the surface of glass and ceramic conveniently and quickly without baking, and has good adhesion; 
   Huaguang UV ink can be widely used in the field of advertising ink-jet printing, labels and packaging printing, building materials, interior decoration, decoration materials, furniture board, cabinet board, colored flooring, glass curtain wall, glass painting, ceramic painting and other types of industrial printing. 
    Huaguang surface treating solution for special substrate is one production of Huaguang UV ink series. 
    According different characteristics of different substrates, in order to achieve the best results, we have developed UV ink surface treating solution for special substrate, which could further improve the ultimate effect of the ink. This solution has the following significant advantages: non-toxic, no harm to human bodies, easy to use, without additional equipment, without effect to the surface morphology of glass and ceramics, good adhesion to glass and ceramics. 
    Huguang special cleaner is one production of Huaguang UV ink series. 
    Huguang special cleaner, related products of UV ink, is mainly used for cleaning equipment nozzle and ink system. It’s safety in use and no environmental pollution.
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