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    Red Laser Recording Film RL-100E has the following characteristics: high sensitivity, sharp dot, good dot reproduction, high density, high film hardness, wide developing latitude, fast fixing and drying. It is suitable for image output for laser imagesetters with light sources from 632.8nm~670nm. 
    Applicable models 
    And others. 

    Main features: 
    The dot is sharp. The image quality is excellent with 
    High contrast, high resolution; low fog and maximum density is over 4.5; 
    It is suitable for rapid access at high temperature, wide exposure and developing latitude. 
    Loading can be done in bright room, convenient and fast. 

    390mmX60m 610mmX60m 
    406mmX60m 660mmX60m
    457mmX60m 813mmX60m 
    508mmX60m 838mmX60m 
    558mmX60m 914mmX60m 
    Other sizes are also available as required. 

    The film for daylight loading can be loaded in the special cassette of laser image output machine under daylight. 
    The film for darkroom loading should be loaded in the special cassette of laser image output machine under special dark green light or under totally dark. 
    Be careful when operating in order to prevent film damaged from friction, folding, oil and fingerprint, etc. 

    Exposure should be determined by test according to the different type and the age of laser tube. 

    Huaguang HG-2000 is recommended, others of same kind are also 

    Store the films in a cool and dry place. Storage temperature is not higher than 20°C and RH no more than 65%. Being too warm and humid will shorten the films shelf life. Avoid radiation or corrosion of other substances and sunshine. 

    Guarantee period: 
    18 months 


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